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Cultivating the land and sharing our delicious creations with friends.

Three family generations combine experience and know-how with tradition in viticulture, oenology, agriculture and tourism. We wanted to share our products with our friends and colleagues, and you, dear guests, which has led us to open the door of our winery for tourists in 2002. We invite you to taste our delicious homemade dishes paired with fine wines from our cellar.

Metka crafts culinary delights, while Vinko is mastering the Art of Winemaking. Together, they ensure that the work in the vineyard is done professionally and timely. Gregor and Sara are increasingly involved and determined to keep the wheel of family tradition rolling for a long time. Timotej and Kristina, firm believers in the quality and distinctiveness of our wines, bring them closer to all who appreciate the pleasure of a good glass.

Hills where the vine has flourished for centuries

Our vineyards are located in the heart of the Štajerska Slovenija wine region, renowned as one of the world's premier regions for white wines.

They are planted along the Jeruzalem wine road, in close proximity to our farm, on steep slopes with a gradient ranging from 30 to 40 percent and an elevation of over 270 meters. The vineyard soils are sandy-clayey, with underlying layers of marl. The climate is influenced by the Adriatic Sea, the Alps, and the Pannonian Plain, resulting in hot autumn days and cool nights. All of these elements splendidly manifest themselves in our wines.

Embracing Harmony with Nature

We cultivate grapes for all our wines in a nature-friendly manner, hand-picking them exclusively. However, our desire to be even closer to nature and sustainability prompted us to take a step further. Driven by the energy and passion of the younger generation, we are gradually shifting our farm towards organic farming practices.

We began with organic Scottish cattle, and today, we proudly offer certified organic wines from our own organically grown grapes. Despite the additional manual labour and smaller yields, we find joy in treading this path. We believe it is the right one.